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There are a few large distributors of helium in the USA. Most of the helium in the United States is purchased from the federal government through an auction process. In recent years the price of helium has soared, no pun intended, as the dollar has dropped in value against other currencies and the major US distributors have been selling the US subsidized helium in foreign markets. All legal but very bad for the US consumer. US distributors purchase helium from the US government at about 10% of the retail price. Pretty nice mark-up!

Your best price for helium will usually come from a party store who re-sells helium or your local welding shop or air distributor. Check around when you are looking for helium because the prices vary greatly. Some places may be double or triple other locations.

Helium For Balloons

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Helium advertising Balloon - Bagpiper logo  Helium Blimp - 20ft. Sentinel logo  Blimp - 20ft. helium advertising blimps generate traffic and sales.  Helium For Balloons - Hotdog - 25' long helium filled inflatable

Helium Balloon - Sprint Logo  custom helium advertising balloon - green Jester  custom helium balloon - white Jester custom balloon  Cube - 6' helium inflatable  

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