Blimp Rental 

Blimp Rental with prices, photos and more information.
We manufacture Blimps for Rental in the USA from superior material.
If you need help with Blimp Rental please contact us.

It is usually best to purchase advertising blimps instead of renting.

We provide blimp service in areas that we have a local office. Blimp service includes blimp flying with us taking care of all installation and maintenence of blimp.

This is best if you are using the blimp for short periods of time, like weekends, and don't have a place to store your blimp or someone to take charge of it.

Blimp Rental

Call Tom at 1-800-791-1445 for more information on Blimp Rental.

Advertising Blimp - Free Rent lettering  14' blimp with simple artwork - Keller's Rental  11' red blimp without artwork-affordable and effective.  Advertising Blimp - CARMAX logo

Helium Blimp - 20ft. Sentinel logo  Advertising Blimp - 25ft. MCI logo. Larger advertising blimps get your message out over a larger area.  Blimp - KB Home logo.  Blimp Rental - Giant Blimps Work - 25ft. long blimp.  

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Arizona Balloon Company • Email us for Blimp Rentals •  p: 602-246-3450 •  f: 602-246-3452 •  6819 N. 21st Ave., Phoenix, Arizona, 85015 USA

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