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Need Giant Balloons, Advertising Blimps, Advertising Inflatables or Dancing Balloons?

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Advertising Balloon - Georgia Lady Dawg helium balloon - 7ft. balloons from $269.00 artwork additional. College mascots are a specialty!

Advertising Balloons

Balloons from 4.5' - 14'

Advertising Blimps

Blimps from 7' to 30'

Advertising Inflatables

skydancers - 3 different sky dancers

Dancing Balloons

"When the balloons go up, sales go up!"

Tom Buis
General Manager Showcase Honda, Showcase Pontiac-GMC
Please browse our marketing balloons site or call 1-800-791-1445 for information!

Giant Globe Balloon would lift 200lb. person

This giant balloon, unlike the Colorado flying saucer hoax, will lift a 200 lb. man.

advertising inflatables for rent - Bald Eagle Balloons - Bald Eagle Inflatables - 25ft. Eagle

Giant Balloons for sale and rent.

Cloud shape helium balloons with Symantec logo

OMG… thank you!
Your team has been awesome to work with.
Please thank them for us.
Best, Kathy – Symantec Corp

Save $100's on Helium Costs! Ask US!!

Some of the clients we have helped with their large promotional balloons.

Stronger, lighter & better flying Balloons and Blimps!

Manufacturer of the highest quality helium advertising blimps, advertising balloons, advertising inflatables, parade balloons,dancing balloons,cold-air balloons and product replicas. We also have one of the largest selections of cold-air balloons and helium advertising inflatables available for rental.

Colors! Colors! Colors! We have many brilliant colors available at no additional charge.

Need more information please call 1-800-791-1445 or 602-938-3550!

Build Traffic & Sales with our balloons, blimps and inflatables!

Please call our toll-free number 1-800-791-1445 or Email with any questions or concerns. All of our giant helium balloons are reusable and made in the USA.

If you need something you don’t see here please contact us. We have over 600 advertising inflatables, large marketing balloons and blimps ready to ship today.

Quality Balloon

We have been providing quality balloon advertising since 1976! For excellent service and superior craftsmanship please call.Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and neighborhood mom and pop shops.

We actually manufacture our balloons & blimps in the USA.

Don’t let your project get held up in customs in China or India.

Check our advertising balloons blog!

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