Fruit Balloons

Fruit Balloons - Marketing Tools

Fruit Balloons

We manufacture our custom advertising fruit balloons in the USA.
We can make almost any shape and size of custom advertising balloons and advertising inflatables.
Our custom advertising balloons and advertising inflatables are very affordable.
Fruit shape balloons are in stock most of the time.
These are great for Farmers' Markets, trade shows, fairs and more!

We have:

strawberry balloons

apple balloons

cherry balloons

lemon balloons

pineapple balloons and many others!

Fruit Balloons information - 1-800-791-1445
Click Here to Email Tom for Fruit Balloons.

Apple - 6' helium inflatable

Apple helium balloon

 6 ft. Apple balloon - $249.00
7 ft. Apple balloon - $359.00
8 ft. Apple balloon - $470.00
10ft. Apple balloon - $650.00

Lemon Helium Balloon

Lemon - 6' helium inflatable - standard shape

 8 ft. lemon balloon - $349.00
10ft. lemon balloon - $531.00

Cherry - 6' helium inflatable - standard shape

Cherry Helium Balloon

 6 ft. cherry balloon - $249.00
7 ft. cherry balloon - $359.00
8 ft. Cherry balloon - $470.00
10ft. cherry balloon - $587.00
ADD FACE - $150.00

Strawberry helium balloon

Strawberry - 7' helium inflatable - standard shape

6 ft. strawberry balloon - $475.00
10ft. strawberry balloon - $822.00
13ft. strawberry balloon - $1128.00
ADD FACE $150.00

Peach  - Fruit Balloon                                                  Pineapple shape helium balloon

Peach helium balloon                                                Pineapple helium balloon

 6 ft. peach balloon - $575.00
7 ft. peach balloon - $675.00
8 ft. peach balloon - $825.00
10ft. peach balloon - $1007.00

                                                                            Fruit shape helium balloons

Fruit shape helium balloons


Advertising balloons, advertising blimps, helium blimps and advertising inflatables for all budgets!

Email Tom for fruit shape helium balloons.

Custom Fruit Balloons - 1-800-791-1445 directory

Advertising Balloons for sales and promotions.


Click here for cloud shaped balloons.

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