WHY you cannot afford to ignore Advertising blimps

Advertising Blimps

Advertising blimps became famous a very long time ago by the Goodyear Company.

Beginnings dating to 1925
Way back in the year of 1925, the now very famous tradition of blimps was first started by none other than the ever so reputed Goodyear Company. This blimp was filled with what is now famous as helium and it was named ‘The Pilgrim’. Small advertising blimps are know used by organizations of all sizes.

Since their beginnings in 1925, for many years these blimps of the company have been embellishing the skies and continue to do so. In fact, these blimps traverse a distance of over 100,000 miles per year, traveling as ambassadors in the sky for the Goodyear Company. And the truth is that it is because of such a unique form of promoting, that the Goodyear Company got so much of publicity and became so very famous.

You cannot afford to ignore Advertising blimps.

Yes, take your lesson from the Goodyear Company and understand very well, that no matter what the size of your business, no matter what its nature, if you want to succeed, it would do you well to get a blimp or two or more and advertise your product or service on the blimp.

If you doubt about how effective these blimps can be then all you have to do is think about those huge blimps of the Goodyear Company flying high in the sky and attracting the attention of millions of people. What more could you ask for, what more could you want?

You too can be a hit
As in, you too can give your biz all the publicity that it needs by buying or renting these giant blimps. With these gigantic ad blimps you can thus let vast numbers of people be aware of your brand, your logo or your motto. A big advantage with this advertising medium is that it can be seen for miles around and thus a maximum number of people will be able to see your advertising campaign. You might try a giant balloon also.

Another great advantage of this medium of advertising is that it tends to attract a lot of attention from people. As in, people just cannot fail to take notice of the blimp with your ad on it, no matter what they may be doing. Thus you are ensuring that you are getting maximum mileage for your money.

But beware
A word of caution, make sure that you are not buying such blimps from some seller who is not an unknown entity and only buy these blimps from a company of repute. In this way you will be ensuring that you are getting advertising blimps of the very best quality.

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