Advertising Balloons For Sale

USA Made Advertising Balloons For Sale

Get stunning results using our polyurethane helium advertising spheres. We manufacture our blimps, inflatables and advertising balloons for sale.

USA made advertising balloons for sale

Many colors available! 5.5′ spheres from $309.00.

We have hundreds of marketing balloons and advertising blimps in stock.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information!

Our polyurethane balloons and blimps are easy to use and get immediate results. Your message 135 feet in the sky can be visible for miles. Your business or event will see traffic increases when using the balloon and the balloons are very affordable.

Current Prices as of 2022 for our Promotional Balloons

  • 5.5 ft sphere: $309.00
  • 7.0 ft sphere: $393.00
  • 8.0 ft sphere: $549.00
  • 10.0 ft sphere:$750.00

*Please check for current prices.

Email: for more information.

Our helium inflatables and blimps are made of polyurethane which is 8 times more expensive per pound of material than PVC. 99% of the balloons and blimps you see online are made in China using PVC.

Our polyurethane material weighs about 1/3 of the weight of PVC , polyurethane retains helium 3 times better and is stronger. Your balloon or blimp is a one time cost but helium is an ongoing cost. Why buy a product that uses 3 times more helium even if you get it for a cheaper price?

USA made helium promotional sphere shape balloons

Helium Balloons for promotions, trade shows, and events from $309.00

Our helium advertising inflatables and blimps are very easy to use. The first time it may take you 10 minutes to fill and deploy your balloon or blimp. You’ll get to the point where you will fill and deploy your balloon in 5  minutes. We have advertising balloons for sale to fit almost any application.

Be aware of these 4 things to make sure you get a long life from your sphere shape or zeppelin shape helium inflatable:

tether your balloon or blimp in a location that allows it free movement without hitting anything,

bring the balloon/blimp down when it is windy,

tie your balloon so the tether line does not rub itself in two, and

tie your balloon or blimp in a location that an evildoer doesn’t cut the tether line.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on USA Made Advertising Balloons for Sale.

Advertising Balloons for Sale
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Advertising Balloons for Sale
Made in USA advertising balloons for sale.
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