How to inflate your advertising blimp-balloon

Inflation Instructions for Your Advertising Blimp or Balloon

Advertising Blimp and advertising balloon inflation is a two person job! One person holds the balloon/blimp at the point where the tether line attaches and the other person does the inflating. One person is able to inflate the balloon or blimp; however, until someone is experienced and confident two people should do the inflation.

Watch this video:

Screw the brass fitting end of the inflation hose onto the valve opening of the helium tank.
Hand-tight is sufficient for the brass fitting; a wrench is not necessary.

advertising balloon and advertising blimp inflation hose

Advertising balloon – Advertising blimp inflation hose

Carefully insert the other end of the hose into the red color large inflation port and hold the material tightly around the hose.

inflation valve

Inflation valve

Helium is an inert, nonflammable, non-toxic gas, but it is bottled under extremely high pressure. Do not breathe helium. It is non-toxic; however, you can not survive breathing pure helium, though it does make up a part of our atmosphere. Did I really need to mention that?

helium tank valve opening

Helium tank valve opening

WARNING! Very slowly crack the helium tank valve! Inflate slowly!Never open the helium tank valve to the point that the flow of helium makes a high-pitched screeching noise and violently flaps the material, which could result in damage to the blimp material.

Helium tank valve with brass hose fitting

Helium tank valve with brass hose fitting

Helium flowing into the tank will make a rushing noise. Continue inflating until the “inflation strap” on the outside of the blimp/balloon lies smooth and flat against the surface.

This is a picture of an inflation strap. It should be flat against the side of the balloon or blimp when it is full.

inflation strap

inflation strap

inflation tape shows when balloon is fully inflated.

Inflation Tape – smooth against balloon – Correct

helium balloon and blimp inflation strap

Fill your balloon or blimp until the inflation tape is flat against the balloon.

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