Helium Purchase for Your Advertising Blimp and Advertising Balloon

Tips on Purchasing Helium for Your Balloon or Blimp

Sourcing Helium

These are some of the major helium suppliers:

  1. Prax-Air
  2. Air Gas
  3. Aire Liquide
  4. Matheson

Most local welding supply stores (like Vern Lewis) will sell helium. Most suppliers will deliver helium tanks to your location. You do not usually purchase the tank, only the helium inside the cylinder. A reasonably usual practice is to charge a small rental fee on a tank if you keep it for more than 30 days.

Each of our advertising balloons and advertising blimps will specify the amount of helium required to fill it. One standard size tank in the USA is a 219 cubic feet.

helium tank used to fill advertising blimps and advertising balloons.

Helium tank used to fill advertising balloons and advertising blimps. 219cf helium tank.

When you order helium you want to have some additional helium available to “top off” your advertising balloon or advertising blimp every few days. Our polyurethane helium balloons and polyurethane helium blimps lose about 1% daily (PVC balloons and blimps lose over 3% daily); therefore, every 3 – 7 days you need to add a little additional helium.

For more information on sourcing helium please call 1-800-791-1445.

Email us: Sales@ArizonaBalloon.com


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Tips on Purchasing Helium for Your Balloon or Blimp
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Tips on Purchasing Helium for Your Balloon or Blimp
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