Advertising Balloons FAQ

What is the best type of material for advertising balloons?

Polyurethane is the best material for helium advertising balloons. It is 2/3 lighter in weight, is stronger, retains its color better, and retains helium 3 times better than PVC. PVC made in China is used to make the majority of helium advertising balloons and blimps because of its extremely low cost.advertising balloon made of polyurethane material

Are your advertising balloons easy to use?

Yes, most of our balloons and blimps are easily inflated in a few minutes. There is a small inflation port plug that you open and close when filling with helium and a quick link that attaches the balloon or blimp to the tether line. 15ft. and larger blimps and 8.5ft. and larger balloons require more than one tank of helium to fill so it takes a few minutes longer. easy to use advertising balloon

How long does it take to get my balloon?

The perennial favorite. We usually have 300 – 400 balloons and blimps of assorted colors and sizes in stock. We also try to have some of the more popular messages (“Now Open”, “Grand Opening”, “Auto Sale” and “Sale”) on the balloons and blimps. If you need lettering, logo or artwork on your balloon or blimp please allow 2 -3 weeks. We can occasionally slip something in and have it out in a few days. It really depends on the current production schedule. Give us a call (1-800-791-1445) or email!

What colors are available?

RED, BLUE, WHITE, YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE, PURPLE, BLACK are our available material colors. When can usually match any colors used in the artwork/lettering. See our Visual Planning Page for colors.Visual Planning Page – Click Here! Advertising balloons colors

What size balloon or blimp should I get?

For indoor use such as trade shows a 5.5ft. or 7ft. ball or 10ft. or 13ft. blimp would usually be large enough. For outdoor use, the larger the balloon or blimp is the better it will fly in higher wind and the greater the distance from which the balloon or blimp can be seen. Sizes of advertising balloons

Are the balloons reusable?

Yes, our polyurethane helium balloons are reusable many times if used with ordinary care and storage. Some clients report using their balloons and blimps for years.

How often do helium balloons and advertising blimps need to be refilled?

Our polyurethane helium advertising balloons and advertising blimps lose approximately 1% of their helium volume daily. In normal operating conditions it may be necessary to add some additional helium every 3 – 10 days.

Where can I get helium for my balloon or blimp?

Most local welding supply stores will be able to provide you with helium.
These are some of the major gas/air companies in the world that could provide helium also:

Air Gas
Air Liquide

How much helium will I need for my balloon or blimp?

Our polyurethane balloons and blimps are the most helium efficient available. The initial amount is, of course, determined by the size. Our balloons and blimps vary in volume from 87 cubic feet to 1510 cubic feet.

Can I use the little disposable helium tanks?

It is possible; however, it is impractical and very expensive. You want to use the industrial/commercial size and type of helium tanks.amount of helium needed for a balloon-helium tank used to fill advertising blimps and advertising balloons.

Can your polyurethane balloons be repaired?

Most holes and small tears are able to be repaired in minutes using the patch kit which is included with each balloon or blimp.polyurethane helium advertising blimp repair material

How long will the balloon last?

Our polyurethane balloons rarely “wear out”. I can’t remember one that “wore out”. If the balloon or blimp was flown everyday outdoors it would probably last two years. Damage from the sun would finally degrade the material. The reasons people have to replace their balloons:
the balloon is left up in high winds and it is damaged,
the balloon is tied where the tether line is rubbed and is severed,
the balloon is stolen,
the balloon is stored when it is wet and a mold destroys the material.
Follow the care instructions and your balloon will work for you for a long time.

What is included with each helium advertising balloon or blimp?

The product, 135ft. tether line, instructions, and repair kit.

Are custom designs and shapes available?

Yes, we can duplicate most designs and shapes.Custom balloon shapes available.

What is the most popular shape?

Our polyurethane blimp shape is the most popular.Most popular shape of helium products.

How much for balloons and blimp cost?

We have polyurethane helium balloons from $249.00 to large advertising blimps over $6500.00.
Call us at 1-800-791-1445 to get an exact price.

How much is shipping?

UPS Ground shipping usually ranges from $15.00 to $95.00.

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