Advertising Blimps Price List

Advertising Blimps Price List and FAQs

We manufacture helium advertising blimps in the USA. Complete Advertising Blimps Price List is below.

Call 1-800-791-1445 to buy advertising blimps in the USA.

The best helium blimps are made of polyurethane and that is what we use in manufacturing our promotional blimps and balloons.

Complete Promotional Blimps and Balloons Price List at bottom of page!

The majority of blimps you see online are made in China using PVC. PVC is very heavy and porous as compared to polyurethane. Why would companies use PVC when polyurethane? PVC costs about 1/6 the price of polyurethane! You need at least a 20 feet long PVC blimp to fly outdoors without it crashing in even light winds. Our 10ft long blimp will perform much better than a 20ft. long PVC blimp and use about 1/6 the helium. This will save you a fortune in helium costs!

Advertising Blimps Price List

7ft. blimp $328.00
10ft. blimp $544.00
13ft. blimp $775.00
15ft. blimp $991.00
18ft. blimp $1442.00
21ft. blimp $2036.00
25ft. blimp $3346.00
30ft. blimp $5376.00

The CLINCHER: Our 10ft promotional blimp initial cost is about the same as a 13ft. PVC blimp!

red and yellow color helium advertising blimp
Blimps help build traffic! 10ft blimps – $544.00
Will fly well in winds up to 20MPH
11 feet long white color advertising blimp with lettering
10 ft. Advertising Blimp with lettering or artwork from $891.00.

10 feet long, 4’1″ in diameter

72 cubic feet of helium – 2 lbs. Net Lift

Call 1-800-791-1445 for Promotional Blimps.

Email: for helium blimps.

helium advertising blimp-Advertising Blimps Price List
Advertising Blimps for Promotions – 10 ft. – $891.00
blue color advertising blimps with logo
Advertising Blimps Work Everywhere – 10ft blimp with artwork – $891.00

10 feet long blimps perform well in winds up to 20MPH. This is the perfect blimp for small businesses or events with a tight budget. Your sign/message 120 feet in the air will definitely attract attention and customers in your area.

13ft. Advertising Blimps

14 feet long promotional advertising blimp
13ft. long advertising blimp – $775.00.
14ft red, white and blue color advertising blimp
13ft. Promotional blimp has 3 or 4 panels that make up the body and 4 fins
helium advertising blimp with logo
Advertising Blimp with graphics – $1202.00. One of our most popular sizes.

Our 13ft helium blimp balloons perform well in winds to approximately 25 – 30MPH. The blimp needs room in which it can move freely. Inexpensive, giant sky sign that will get you results. Easy to use! We sell and rent advertising blimps that produce results for you.

advertising blimp balloon - yellow color with artwork
13 ft. Advertising Blimps for Promotions.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for Helium Advertising Blimps.

15ft. Advertising Blimps

advertising blimps
15 ft. advertising blimp with lettering or artwork from – $1480.00.
15ft blimps with no artwork or lettering – $991.00.

18ft. Advertising Blimps

advertising blimp with FREE RENT lettering
18ft advertising blimps with lettering – $1968.00

6ft. 8 inches in diameter

319 cubic feet of helium – 10.4lbs. net lift

20 ft. advertising blimp with graphics from $2166.00
18 ft. advertising blimp with graphics from $1968.00. These are huge signs in the sky at a very affordable price and very little helium. Our 18ft blimp requires a little more than half the amount needed for a PVC or nylon blimp and will fly much better. Polyurethane is a much superior material.

21ft. Advertising Blimps

advertising blimp - 20 ft. long advertising blimp with NAPA logo

This is where you start talking Humongous! Our 21ft blimps are like flying billboards but for the cost of a one week or month rental of a billboard you can own this giant helium blimp and use over and over. This size can be seen for miles!

21ft. blimp with graphics or lettering from: $2674.00. This will get you Noticed! Increase visibility and traffic immediately for your business or event!

30ft long white color promotional blimp with logo
Big Advertising Blimps – 25 ft. long with artwork/graphics – $4200.00.
30ft long helium advertising blimp balloon aerial blimp
25 ft. Advertising Blimp – $4200.00

All of our helium advertising blimps are made in the USA. Our polyurethane material and all other materials are made in the USA.

Just one last thing; we are not the only company in the world that manufactures balloons and blimps using polyurethane. We have a quality competitor and if you choose not to purchase from us please buy your blimp from them. Never, Never, Never buy a blimp made of PVC! We don’t recommend blimps made of nylon either because there is only a 0.5mil layer of urethane coating the nylon. Once some of that thin layer is scraped off there goes your helium. Moreover, if you try to find or repair the scraped off urethane it is about impossible.

We starting manufacturing helium balloons and blimps because we have a huge rental business. If we could make better helium balloons or blimps using a different material or design, we would. We make hundreds of balloons and blimps for our own usage each year. Our blimps are the highest quality, best performing and easiest to use balloons and blimps available.

We have some clients who have been buying from us for over 20 years. Home builders, car dealers and trade show exhibitors are our largest volume purchasers. Please call or email if we can help your business or organization! See our advertising blimps price list below.

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CALL 1-800-791-1445 for more information about blimp advertising.




Advertising Blimps Price List

Size Price Banner Size Blank Banners Lettering on both sides of the products or two banners Helium (cubic feet)
7′ $328.00 18×36″ $25.00 $247.00 see below
10′ $544.00 30×60″ $35.00 $264.00 100
13′ $745.00 48″x96″ $54.00 $427.00 160
15′ $991.00 52″x108″ $58.00 $489.00 300
18′ $1442.00 52″x144″ $60.00 $527.00 370
21′ $2036.00 56″x168″ $70.00 $638.00 600
25′ $3346.00 60″x192″ $74.00 $854.00 1510

Advertising Balloons

Size Price Banner Size Blank Banners Lettering on both sides of the product or two banners Helium (cubic feet)
4,5 $139.00 $184.00 for 3 sides 65
6′ $205.00 30×54″ $35.00 $264.00 113
7′ $335.00 30″x54″ $35.00 $264.00 180
8′ $431.00 44″x80″ $45.00 $325.00 300
10′ $621.00 48″x84″ $45.00 $356.00 524
12′ $1146.00 52″x100″ $55.00 $396.00 905
14′ $1930.00 72×108″ $75.0 $550.00 1444

Hot air Balloon Shape Helium Balloons

Size Price Banner Size Blank Lettering of both sides of the product or two banners Helium (cubic feet)
9,5 $520.00 30×54 $35.00 $264.00 198
w/band $670.00 30×54 $35.00 $264.00 198
13.5′ $875.00 48″x84″ $45.00 $356.00 576
w/band $1025.00 48″x84″ $45.00 $356.00 576
17.5′ $1497.00 52″x108″ $58.00 $369.00 1265
w/band $1737.00 52″x108″ $58.00 $369.00 1265

What comes with purchase of balloons

What comes with purchase of balloons 120 ft tether line w/reel, Repair Kit, Repair Instructions, Care Instructions. How much wind can it withstand.

  • 4.5′ & 6′ ball, 11′ blimp, 9.5′ hot=air balloon shape withstand up to 15 mph winds.
  • Any balloon larger can withstand up to 30 mph.

The 7′ blimp is for indoor use only. 7′ blimp is for hanging purposes only, will not fly even with helium. If banner are to be used, then banner attachments must be installed. There is a $31.00 charge to add banner attachment which includes both sides of any products.

  • The lettering charge is the same to letter both sides of any product.
  • The lettering charge includes up to 13 letters per side or per banner, in one color!
  • If over 13 letters per side or over one color, there is an additional charge! See bellow!
  • Complex lettering, company logos or artwork are by quote only, fax or e-mail your layout.
  • To letter only one side of a product or one blank banner, figure 75% of the lettering charge.

Vertical banners not to be confused with banners above with attach to the sides of products.
Vertical banner attached to the tether line. Size is 26″ x 15′ and are not to be used on 6′ and 7′ balls, 11′ and 14′ blimps or the 9.5′ hot-air balloons.
Price for vertical banner is $121.00. The price is $282.00 to letter both sides.

Each additional letter over 13 letters per side of balloon or banner $5.00
Each additional color (charges includes both sides) $79.00
Different message on second side of balloon or additional banner $104.00
Light kit…Caution: this product must be watched at all times $200.00
Helium hose $34.00



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Advertising Blimps Get Your Business The Attention It Needs

Advertising blimps, getting you the attention your business needs, anywhere and anytime.

Advertising Blimps

Advertising blimps, getting you the attention your business needs, anywhere and anytime.

Whether you want your advertising to be noticed in the middle of a field or at a fair or at an exhibition or at a special event or whether you want your ad to be seen for miles around right up in the sky, then you can be sure that you are meeting your goal with advertising blimps.

helium advertising blimp with lettering
Advertising Blimp with lettering from $725.00

A great and unique way of advertising.

This form of advertising is very unique and an excellent way of getting your message across to potential consumers – effectively! These huge balloons give all advertisers the unique opportunity of getting their message across to both potential customers and stockholders too.
Another very big advantage of advertising with such a medium is that the costs involved are so very low that such a form of advertising is good on the pockets of big as well as small companies.

So much that can be done with advertising blimps.

Though there are many big and small advertisers who are already taking full advantage of the many benefits associated with advertising with these giant blimps.
One of the many reasons why this form of advertising is so very popular and highly effective is that these blimps can be molded into just about any size, shape and color, as per the needs of the business. You can thus get these big blimps custom made.

What are the benefits of custom made helium blimps?

This is giving you a unique way of advertising your business. Because when you get these big blimps custom made, you can have the name of your company, your company logo and even the message of your company on them.
This is definitely an awesome way of grabbing the attention of potential customers as all people love to see things that are unique. And as these blimps are available in giant sizes and also smaller sizes, they can be used for various purposes.

The different ways in which you can exploit these promotional blimps.

You can make use of these blimps in many ways. You can make them into giant or medium sized attention getting display units and place them outdoors or even indoors and these are guaranteeing you great publicity. You can also make use of smaller toy like blimps with your logo and message on them to give away as gifts to kids.
These blimps are also great to use at Grand Sales or Gala Opening Events. Thus there are so many different ways in which you can make use of these advertising blimps to give your business all the publicity that it needs.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on advertising blimps.

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Stand Above Your Competition with Advertising Blimps

Stand out from the rest of your competition with advertising blimps.

Advertising Blimps

Stand out from the rest of your competition with advertising blimps

Today, there are so many companies competing for business and they have products or services that are as good as similar to one another. In such a competitive scenario, it becomes very important to stand out and this can be done with advertising blimps.

advertising blimps

Getting attention is now top priority

As there are so many similar products and services in the market today, it is very important for any company to draw attention to the product or service that it is offering. But this is easier said than done, because it is not at all easy to catch the attention of people in this hectic, fast paced world.

Thus, in order to get attention to whatever they are selling companies, big and small, are continuously on the lookout for newer and innovative means of advertising and promotions. Advertising and promotions are done on two basic levels – one is large scale promotions – this is achieved via TV, magazines, newspapers, etc. And the other form of advertising and promotions is by using local techniques.

Advertising blimps make great local advertising

These advertising blimps are a great form of advertising that can be used locally. They are huge and easily attract the attention of people from miles around. You can very easily get all kinds of advertising balloons by looking on the internet. From the internet, you can take your pick of these giant blimps and you can get them tailor-made to suit your need.

These online blimp providers will take care of all your needs and you can get a giant blimp in any color that you want, any shape that you have in mind, any size you desire and you can even get your company logo and message printed across it.

All kinds of blimps for your business

You may find this hard to believe, but the truth is that you will be able to get all kinds of blimps – even inflatable buildings that you can rent for specific business events and the like. You will even be able to obtain stations, igloos, domes, tents and so much more.

One of the best ways of promoting any kind of business is by making use of gigantic blimps. These huge blimps are seen by people for miles and as they are flying high, they always attract the attention of people. You would be able to get hold of specialists who can set up these blimps up to 60 meters above your business. If you want to stand out in today’s market, then just make sure you do not forget to make use of advertising blimps.

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