Inflatable Advertising Man

Inflatable Advertising Man

Inflatable Advertising Man: Catch the Eye and Keep The Customers Coming
There are many methods of advertising but few are as dynamic as a floating balloon. The idea might seem too simple to be of value to many but it is a time tested business tactic. Balloons catch the eye and capture the imagination. This is especially true when that balloon is a custom creation such as the inflatable advertising man.
inflatable advertising man

Inflatable Advertising Man - Monster Dancing Balloon

They are seen frequently at auto dealerships, state fairs, and tire service centers. The inflatable advertising man is a large balloon that resembles a human being. Sometimes these balloons are completely inflated and float above a business. At other times they are designed to only be filled while a fan is running so that they flicker and wave wildly in the air. Either way they are seen as an interesting and quirky way to draw attention to a business.
inflatable dancing man

Inflatable Advertising Man - Dancing Balloon

Dancing Man Balloons

Inflatable advertising man comes in many shapes and sizes. They can be a blue collar worker, an office worker, or even a cartoon character. Some people even license popular cartoon and animation characters and have balloons custom made. No matter what the individuals choose to do the end result is a dynamic, sometimes wacky, custom made balloon that draws in customers simply to see it up close.
A few notable methods of using an inflatable advertising man include being used in a parade, floating above a business, or even trailing behind a blimp. There are many businesses that might benefit from an inflatable advertising man. They are seen most in the automotive industry but they can be used for places such as bakeries, trendy clothing shops, and even for a children’s hospital. The latter usage might even be one that occurs solely for charity drive purposes.
air dancers

Dancing Balloons

When people choose to use an inflatable advertising man for their business purposes they are choosing to reach people on a deep meaningful level. Billboards and newspaper advertisements work well, but they rarely capture the imagination in the way that balloons do.

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