Giant Balloons for Summer Promotions

Giant Balloons

There are numerous advantages to using giant balloons as a marketing strategy.

First of all, giant balloons make people stop and take notice. Other forms of marketing are so common, that many people don’t even pay attention to them. For example, most individuals pass by dozens of billboards every single day. No one actually takes the time to read every single one, because eventually they become monotonous and boring. However, giant balloons are used much less frequently. Therefore, people find them interesting and are likely to take a much closer look at your summer promotion.

giant balloon with RV Sale lettering

Another advantage to the use of giant advertising balloons lies in the wide range of ways they can be used. You can turn a balloon into just about any shape you would like. If you’re advertising a restaurant, your balloon can be shaped like a hamburger or a taco. If you’re advertising a jewelry store, your balloon can be shaped like a ring. The list could go on forever. Also, you could have a simple round balloon and write words such as the name or slogan of whatever you’re marketing.

giant heart shape balloon

Giant Balloon - Custom Heart Shape Balloon

A third advantage of giant balloons is their mobility. Let a balloon go, and it will travel quite a distance. If you’re in a city, the balloon will undoubtedly catch the eyes of thousands of people in just one day. If a big event is being held, the balloon will reach thousands of people in just an hour or two. Also, the mobility will allow the advertisement to be seen by people who wouldn’t normally see other types of advertisements. Some people don’t leave their homes frequently, so they’re unlikely to see billboards. However, these people can see giant advertising balloons right from their own front yards. Also, many people can’t afford to frequently buy magazines and newspapers. Advertising balloons allow these individuals to see your advertisement without paying any money out of their own pockets.

Try a giant balloon for your next summer promotion!

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