Giant Balloons Equal Great Impressions

Giant Balloons Equal Great Impressions

Thinking of how to get someone’s attention and leave a lasting impression? A great way to get noticed is to put a message on a giant balloon. People usually look up when a balloon is flying overhead. The most memorable one that comes to mind is one with the message, “Will you marry me?” I was laying on Virginia Beach looking up at the sky and there was the message flying overhead. It is fairly cost effective and easy to find a business that provides this service. There are several businesses in my local area.

giant balloons for advertising - 7 ft. red helium balloon

Many Types of Giant Balloons

There are different kinds and sizes of balloons. Decide where it’s going to fly and determine the size so that it can be seen. Balloons range from 6 feet to 30 feet. A 6ft balloon is small enough for a child to carry. A 30 footer would be visible over a large building. Sometimes another type of advertising balloon called the “blimp” is used. The “blimp” is very common in resort area and a prop plane usually tows it. The blimps that I saw while laying on the beach must have been larger than 30 feet. The message was so large and clear even from up in the sky. Lettering and layout on the balloon are priced separately and there is a consultant to assist with the best choice for getting the message across. Now, for the surfing competition on the beach, there is a long balloon that flies overhead. The national competition is widely followed so it can be found on the Internet with the giant balloon flying overhead.

giant balloon - advertising blimp shape with logo

Imagination can really be used to make an innovative message. There are different types of giant balloons like the Dune, Custom, Heart, Star, Air Dancer, Carrot, Giant, Light Bulb, and many more.

Advertising balloons are the perfect choice for outdoor promotions. People are reached that may not even be at the outdoor affair. Any one who looks up from a certain distance sees the message. An indelible memory is made with a custom message on a giant balloon.

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