Giant Advertising Balloons For Sale

Giant advertising balloons build traffic for your business or event.

Giant Advertising Balloons

You are walking in the road on one fine evening and you see a giant advertising balloon floating in the air. No matter what the mood you are in, you will definitely get attracted to the balloon and you will be so curious to know about the balloon and read the advertising text in the balloon. These colourful and giant advertising balloons attract more people and customers rather than a normal television, newspaper and internet ads. These giant balloons bring smiles on people who see them.

giant advertising balloon
Giant Balloon - 7 ft. giant helium balloon - $269.00

Unlike other type of ads, balloons are permanent and you can place it on the top of your building at a height of 120 ft. There are even many websites that allow you to design or customize a balloon with your brand name and a logo on it and they will print them on the balloons and deliver them. The advertising balloon will be more attractive if it was in a different shape according to your brand or product. Example: a Funny Mouse symbol for a toy store. These balloons are also economical when compared to other advertising solutions. They make your customer feel happy by seeing them. This will make your brand and company more in a relationship with the customer who you are doing the business with. There is one more type of advertising balloons which can be designed in small shapes with the company name printed on it.

custom giant helium balloon
Shamrock custom helium balloon

You can distribute them on any company’s event and your customers will be very happy to receive them for their children. You can also distribute them on the road side and important public places. You can attract more people by placing advertising balloons in streets, public places such as theaters, theme parks, zoo, beaches etc, since more people visit these places every day. The logos and the slogans on the two sides of the balloons will give a definite promotion to your new product or a company. Placing the advertising balloons in malls and distributing small balloons to the children will promote the brand so well comparing to other promoting ideas such as in television, newspaper, radio, or internet.

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