Do You Need to Advertise?

Do you need to advertise your business or event?

There is another way to advertise other than ads in the paper and billboards to get the word out about your business. Advertising on balloons is a great way to spread the word. Everyone likes balloons! People would be drawn to your business once they see the inventive way to get your word out there for your business. Small balloons with your logo or business on them can be given to the kids that may come in with their parents, then they will have the information at home if they want to come in your shop.

advertising balloon for business marketing

6 ft. advertising balloon with logo - $433.00

Go crazy on the holidays and the minor causes for celebrating. A huge bunny at Easter, Hearts for valentines day and so on Picture your logo on a big red heart for all to see! Put a cupid inflatable in the shop, elves on Christmas, maybe even reindeer with your logo on their sides! If you like, there are bigger balloons available and figures, and even an advertising blimp you can put your information on! Balloons are a great way that has been under utilized so far in advertising. Get some hologram balloons for that “bling” shine, they will attract the eye of passersby.

advertising blimp for business promotions

11 ft. Advertising Blimps with logos from $725.00

Anything can be put on a balloon from congratulations on your new baby, to welcome home for the private sector. They are great for holiday promotions and party favors on New Year’s Eve, use your imagination and you will find many ways balloons of all sizes can help your business to grow!

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