Advertising Blimps for Small Business

Advertising Blimps for Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you realize the numerous challenges you must overcome to get your business the exposure it needs to survive. By this point, you have probably tried all the usual suspects – advertising on the radio, television (if you actually have the budget for that), newspaper, and the internet. What about trying a novel method of getting your name out there? By now you’re probably thinking that I will suggest those lame ads that show up on the sides of the buses that nobody rides, but this suggestion is a lot better than that.

17 ft. advertising blimp for small business promotions

17 ft. advertising blimp with lettering

I’m talking about advertising blimps.  Advertising blimps are one of the best ways to get your name out there for a surprisingly low cost. They have many advantages over the conventional media. If you have tried radio or television, you know first hand that the only truly affordable timeslots come on the air when any normal person is sleeping. Not so with advertising blimps. Granted, they aren’t cost effective all of the time, if it’s dark out there aren’t many people that will notice them. That being said, if the sun is shining, there just isn’t any better way to get people to notice you and your business than advertising blimps.  Imagine a rock festival is happening in your hometown. The promoters want a lot of money to put your name on a piece of paper they hand out to anyone entering. What happens to that piece of paper 5 seconds after the concert-goers get it? That’s right, it’s on the ground getting trampled on. That’s the beauty of the advertising blimp. You can hang it in the air and get attention, but you don’t even need to pay the promoters. It’s visible for miles, and they cost per eyeball is stunningly low. Next time you want to get your name out there, you really need to try an advertising blimp!

advertising blimp with Dragon logo

14 ft. advertising blimp with logo

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