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Advertising blimps are seen at all of the major sporting events. Advertising blimps allow lots of people to see the product that is being advertised. With the blimp flying through the air, people take notice and are interested in what the blimp says on it. They will stop what they are doing to read what is on the blimp.

advertising blimps

I think blimp advertising is a great way to get word out about a product to many people at once. Unlike say a billboard that stays in one place, so people have to actually be going by the billboard to see it, the blimp travels around to where people are. Advertising blimps are very large, so they can easily be seen. If I had something important that I wanted to advertise and money was not an object, I would choose an advertising blimp. One drawback to advertising blimps would be though that they cannot travel when the weather conditions are bad. This would be an advantage of say a billboard. The billboard can be seen even when the weather is bad. If you were advertising in an area that does not have a lot of inclimate weather, then the advertising blimp would be ideal.

14 ft. advertising blimp with Toyota logo.

14 ft. advertising blimp with lettering - $1031.00

As a child, I use to love being outside playing and seeing an advertising blimp fly overhead. We always stopped to see what the blimp had to say on it. If someone would come up with a smaller more economical version of the advertising blimp, I think many companies would use this type of advertising to bring their products into the spotlight. For now, I guess I will have to settle for seeing the blimps on the rare occasions that they come to our neighborhood. A great way to get my attention though, is to use an advertising blimp soaring through the air.

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