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Advertising Balloons – Business Marketing Magic

Advertising Balloons

In today’s technological age, it can be easy, and cheap, to run advertising campaigns based solely online, relying on random clicks and searches to bring customers to your business.

advertising balloon with custom logo

7 ft. Advertising Balloon with logo: $533.00

However, you’re only ever going to engage those people who go online, and who are willing to click and follow advertising links, something that people are less and less inclined to do. What is needed is a way of catching people’s attention out in the real world, and one of the best ways of doing this is through advertising balloons.  These have been used to great effect by some of the biggest businesses, and are most commonly employed as free gifts to young children to walk around with. Strangely, if you asked a parent to hand out flyers or information brochures about your company, they would most likely say no, but handing their child an advertising balloon with your logo on is fair game, even though the end result is the same. Part of the reason for this is that is incredibly hard for people to say no to free gifts to their children, as they don’t want to be seen as cruel or uncaring to you or their children.

Advertising balloons do have their drawbacks though. You need to make sure that you have an instantly recognizable logo or brand name, or at least one that will stick in the mind. Balloons will only be seen in passing, so it can be hard to put your contact details on the balloon for people to make a note of quickly. Also, they can be quite expensive to order, and filling them with helium can put the cost up quite high. The danger of not filling them with helium is that they trail behind the child, rather than riding high at an adult’s eye level.

Advertising balloons will work marketing magic for your business!

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