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Marketing Balloons are used in outdoor advertising, promotions, events, parades, tradeshows, sales, concerts and many other venues. If you need to promote a product or event a marketing balloon is a great medium.

Your and your clients will love the impressions received from such a low cost tool.

Marketing balloons are in stock and ready to ship. Our helium marketing balloons and marketing blimps can be customized to include lettering or logos.

We manufacture our marketing balloons in the USA.

Get the best prices and service from the actual balloon manufacturer.

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Gorilla Inflatables - Blue Flag Kong
Helium advertising Balloon - Bagpiper logo
Dancing Balloons - Tube Dancers-Dancing Men Balloon

More advertising Balloons and Blimps.


Hit the traffic magnet jackpot with our ADVERTISING BALLOONS, ADVERTISING BLIMPS AND ADVERTISING INFLATABLES! If you are thinking of enhancing the sales figures of your brand/ product, it’s time to think of creative ways to get noticed. Ever thought of using advertising balloons or an attractive advertising blimp to market your brand? Advertising inflatables are high impact promotional tools that would surely help YOU to get noticed in a crowded market where brands are fighting to grab attention.

Our advertising balloons, blimps and inflatables come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes to attract customer attention! To catch the fancy of both young and old and depending on your product you can variously make use of the different kinds of advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables manufactured by us exclusively to suit your needs! You just have to install them at strategic points to make your brand stand out and make the customers fall in love with them. You can install advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables to attract attention in large fairs, tradeshows, grand openings, shopping malls, swap meets, sporting events, circus, etc. Imagine the exposure you are to gain!

Got the idea? We assure you that the ‘GRAND SALES OPENING’ of your brand/product will be truly grand and a huge crowd puller! Now stop spending thousands of dollars on advertising that’s taking a toll on your company’s finances and opt for a pocket-friendly but high exposure advertising tool that guarantees ‘SUCCESS’.

For more information on Advertising BALLOONS, ADVERTISING BLIMPS AND ADVERTISING INFLATABLES call us today. Your company’s image is very important! We will ensure your company is projected in the most attractive way with our advertising balloons, advertising blimps and advertising inflatables!

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Marketing Balloons