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Our big balloons are made of the finest material available for advertising blimps and advertising balloons. If you need a helium advertising balloon or advertising blimp from 4.5 feet to 30 feet in diameter we have the product for you.

If you took a one foot square piece of our material you couldn’t pull it apart, yet it is light weight. If helium consumption is a concern we can help.The polyurethane material we use is the best material commercially available for helium retention in helium advertising inflatables, advertising balloons and advertising blimps. Polyurethane costs over $8.00/lb. In contrast, pvc, which most of our competitors use costs under $1.00/lb.

All of our helium advertising balloons are made in the USA. You don’t need to worry about problems in China or India.

We have competitors who say they use polyurethane but use pvc. We are happy to send you a sample swatch of our advertising balloon material to compare.

You will see the difference!

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Big Blimps and Big Balloons!

8 ft. helium balloon with vertical banner - Great for extra visiblity!
10' helium balloon with simple artwork - ZONE logo - advertising balloon
6' helium balloon with simple complexity artwork
7' helium balloon with complex artwork-Broadcasters General Store
Advertisement Balloons - 7ft. advertisement balloon with artwork
Advertising Balloon - 7ft. helium balloon with pennants

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Helium advertising balloons with 105ft. pennants

Advertising Balloon Price List

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advertising balloon - 7ft. helium balloon with custom logo
Helium Balloon - Sprint Logo
Helium Balloon - Pink Panther logo - Advertising Balloon

Hundreds of Big Balloons in stock & ready to ship TODAY!

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helium advertising balloon - KB Home Logo
helium advertising balloon - Auto X logo
Helium Advertising Balloons - advertisement balloons
Advertising Balloon - helium balloon with Unilever artwork

We have hundreds of big advertising balloons in stock!

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More Helium Balloons & Blimps!
Custom advertising Balloons with pictures.

Why Advertising Balloons? – They WORK!!!!

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Large balloons will increase sales and profits for your business.

California Balloons – California Blimps for sale.

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