Special Shape Inflatables


Special Shape Advertising Inflatables Sell!

Special Shape Advertising Inflatables help sell your product or service. They also are great as a marker for your site or event. Our special shape advertising inflatables can be made to almost any design.
Give us a call or email us for more information on our special shape advertising inflatables and advertising balloons.

Custom balloons increase visibility and traffic to your event, business or trade show booth.
We offer our special shape advertising inflatables in helium, cold-air or sealed air units.

Custom balloons are a unique way to present your product, business or service. We can make your custom inflatables to float or set on the ground or roof.

We Manufacture our Custom Advertising Inflatables!

Helium Balloon - Hotdog - 25' helium ballon

hotdog shape helium balloon

Cube - 6' helium inflatable

Cube shape helium balloon

custom balloon - cube shape helium inflatable - special shape inflatables

cube helium balloon

Tooth - 15' high helium inflatable with banner

tooth shape helium balloon

For your Special Shape Inflatable please call 1-800-791-1445!

satellite balloons
satellite inflatables

Outside the USA please call 602-246-3450!
Over 400 Advertising Balloons in stock!
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Please call 1-800-791-1445 for Special Shape Advertising Inflatables!

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