Special Shape Balloons


Special Shape Balloons

Custom shaped balloons and custom helium balloons made in the USA. Great for parades, events, trade shows and promotions. We manufacture custom balloons using polyurethane, not PVC. PVC is heavy and contains volatile organics.

Custom Shaped Balloons Create Excitement!

Shamrock helium balloon - 10' helium inflatables and balloons
Heart - 10' helium inflatable
custom heart shape giant cold-air inflatable
Custom Shape - 12' long Marport net sensor - custom balloon
custom shaped tooth balloon
bunny shape helium balloon black color with white markings
Custom shape advertising helium balloon - woodpecker art
light bulb shape helium balloon with custom logo
custom balloon
custom balloon - boulder shape. many custom balloons available.
satellite balloons

Giant Sealed air balloons & helium advertising Inflatables made in USA!

We can usually duplicate any design into a custom shaped balloon. These large custom balloons really attract attention!
Over 400 Advertising Balloons in stock!
Outside the USA please call 602-938-3550!

Please call 1-800-791-1445 for Custom Shaped Balloons!