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Parade Balloons are usually very expensive to rent or buy. Parade balloons also usually cost a fortune to fill with helium. Try Us!
We manufacture helium parade balloons that are both inexpensive to rent or buy and also to use.
If you are in the market for a parade balloon ask how much it costs to fill that balloon each time you use it.
Do you really need a 60ft. parade balloon when a 40ft. one would be just as effective. Save your city a fortune in rental charges and helium.
You can own a parade balloon from us for the rental price elsewhere.
Need to get competitive bids? Try Us!
We’ll help you ask the right questions.
Save money even if you choose someone else. Save the taxpayers a little green.
Thanksgiving Day!
Independence Day!
Festival Parade Balloons!

Parade Balloons for Every Budget

Whatever type, shape or color or parade balloon or helium parade inflatable you need please contact us.

Snowman parade balloon - 34' of lovable inflatable. For sale or rent.
Pigs can fly! - 15' helium parade balloon
Day Bug - 15' helium parade balloon inflatable

This Snowman helium parade balloon is made especially for the small parade or event. If you can’t afford the $5000 – $10000 rental price of a giant parade balloon Arizona Balloon Company has the answer.
Arizona Balloon Company’s new 20 ft. tall Snowman helium balloon is giant but affordable and can be handled by non-professional balloon people. The snowman helium parade balloons rents for only $1000.00 and is easily inflated and floated through the parade only three people.
The Snowman’s list price is only USD$4990.00, what one would normally pay to rent a giant parade balloon.
Smaller cities and organizations can now afford to own their own helium parade balloons and give a real boost to their holiday parades and events.
Arizona Balloon Company can assist in the acquisition of local sponsors and the parade balloon is as simple to operate and store as a normal advertising balloon.
All Arizona Balloon Company’s helium parade balloons are made in the USA and all can be customized.
Many other parade balloons are available and all are affordable. Smaller cities and towns can now have the full fun and excitement that comes with these giant parade balloons.

Bug Balloon - Parade - 20' across

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