Large Helium Balloons For Sale


Large Helium Balloons for Less!

If you are looking for Large Helium Balloons this is the place!

We have large helium balloons, large cold-air balloons and other large advertising balloons.

We have balloons for sale or rent and we keep hundreds of balloon, blimps and dancing balloons in stock.

We have large balloons from 4.5ft. in diameter to over 14ft. in diameter.These are REUSABLE BALLOONS! 7 ft. in diameter balloons are our most popular but we have many sizes to fit your requirements.

  • 4.5 ft. large helium balloon – $109.00
  • 6 ft. large helium balloon – $169.00
  • 7 ft. large helium balloon – $269.00
  • 8 ft. large helium balloon – $339.00

These helium balloons are made from the high strength yet thin and light weight polyurethane. Please don’t purchase a pvc balloon or blimp. PVC has to be 5 times the thickness of polyurethane and still doesn’t have the strength of polyurethane. This is fact. PVC is full of volatile organics and is being fazed out all over the world. The only reason pvc is still being used is that it is costs 90% less than polyurethane and the Chinese can’t manufacture it. Polyurethane was developed for the space program and is better in every aspect for advertising balloons. We have many stock colors and can custom match almost any color for your balloon. Logos and lettering reproduced on all sizes of our balloons.

We can ship your in stock large balloon today!

Call Tom @ 1-800-791-1445 for Large Balloons!

Large Helium Balloons – 1-800-791-1445!

Large Balloons for Less!

We manufacture our Large Helium Balloons!