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College Mascot Balloons - Mascot Inflatables

We have made many mascot balloons and mascot inflatables for colleges and universities. Alumni associations and booster clubs know the advantage of a giant mascot balloons or giant mascot inflatables.
We can make your mascot come to life or make sure the whole gang can find you on game day.
Send us your logo or photo of your mascot and we’ll give you a quick quote for your mascot balloon or mascot inflatable.
Mascot balloons and mascot inflatables are a great way to build fan enthusiasm. If your alumni association or booster club needs a quote on a mascot balloon or mascot inflatables please contact us.

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Highest Quality College Mascot Balloons and Mascot Inflatables!

Advertising Balloon - BYU Cougar logo
10' helium balloon with complex artwork - U of Maine
Advertising Balloon - Georgia Lady Dawg helium balloon - 7ft. balloons from $269.00 artwork additional. College mascots are a specialty!

If you need a quote on a giant mascot balloon or mascot inflatable please call or email. Giant helium balloons are very affordable and easy to fill. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes to inflate depending on the size.

For Your Giant Inflatable Mascot Please Call 1-800-791-1445!

College Mascot Balloon - University Mascot

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Mascot Balloons and Mascot Inflatables add Excitement!!
Tailgate Parties? Giant Balloons work Great!

The Best College Mascot Balloons Available!

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