Cold-air Inflatables


Cold-air Inflatables

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Cold-air advertising balloons or cold-air advertising inflatables are an attractive and inexpensive way to get your message out.
The terms cold-air advertising balloons and cold-air advertising inflatables are used interchangeably.

Cold-air Advertising Inflatables

The standard size for cold-air inflatables is 25ft. high. They can come in many shapes and sizes though. In our industry the hot-air balloon shape cold-air advertising balloons are referred to as “HAB’s”. You can order HAB’s in almost color combination. You can choose one or two banner areas for your cold-air balloon or have logo or message put directly on the balloon.
Cold-air inflatables if cared for properly, can provide many years of advertising usage. The cost of a cold-air balloon varies from $60.00 for a cheap balloon for home use to many thousands of dollars for a commercial quality inflatable.

cold-air advertising inflatables - 35ft. hot-air balloon shape
cold-air advertising balloon - Continental Homes banner
cold-air advertising balloon - Greystone Homes banner
Advertising Ballons - Cold-air advertising balloon shape with light
Super Hero - 13' tall custom shape cold-air inflatable
Custom shape cold-air inflatable - Scanner
Balloon Rental - Hot-air balloon shape cold-air inflatable
Cold-air inflatable - Custom Cube for Radio Station

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Custom cold-air balloon - Banner Bank Money Bag

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Cold-air Balloons and Advertising Inflatables Work!

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