Giant Balloons For Sale


Giant Balloons for Sale!

Giant balloons can mean big business for your business or event. We manufacture giant balloons in the USA for outdoor advertising and event marketing. Giant balloons are used for Sports Marketing, radio remotes, car dealer sales, restaurant “Grand Openings”, trade shows and hundreds other types of sales and events.

Arizona Balloon Company has been providing advertising balloons since 1976. Trust one of the oldest advertising balloons company in the world to create your advertising balloon.

We have hundreds of advertising balloons for air balloon advertising in stock and ready to ship for your sale or big event today!

Giant 6ft. Advertising Balloon - $169.00

Giant 7ft. Advertising Balloon - $269.00

We manufacture 6 ft. and 7 ft. giant balloons in the USA from superior material.

We use only the highest quality polyurethane, not PVC. Almost every giant balloon sold on the web is imported from China and is made of PVC. PVC is a known carcinogen.

Polyurethane has much higher helium retention, higher sheen and is not a carcinogen.

We usually have hundreds of 6 ft. and 7 ft. balloons in stock for immediate shipment.

Call Tom at 1-800-791-1445 for more information on 7ft Balloons.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for Giant Balloons!

Giant Balloons for Sale!