Giant Balloons


Giant Balloons and GIANT NUMBER BALLOONS will increase the visibility and traffic to your business, event or booth!

What kind of giant balloons do you need?

giant helium balloons

cold-air balloons

dancing man balloons

advertising blimps

Giant balloons with prices, photos and more information.

We manufacture Giant Balloons in the USA from a superior material. We use polyurethane in making our giant helium balloons, never PVC. Most balloons for sale online are made of PVC and manufactured in China. PVC is a known carcinogen! PVC is also heavier, more porous and not as helium retentive as the polyurethane we use.

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You will love the way large balloons bring attention to your business or event and how much money our reusable balloons save over one time use balloons.

7 ft. helium balloons – $269.00

6 ft. balloons with logo from $433.00

custom balloons made to your specifications

For the price of a single day ad in your local newspaper or spot on the local radio station you can own your own reusable giant balloon.

A large 7 ft. in diameter helium advertising balloon can be purchased for only $269.00 and it’s yours!
Advertising inflatables can be purchased for as little as $2499.00 and with proper care last you for years.

Looking for Wedding Balloons? These latex one time use balloons may work. They are not sturdy like our polyurethane helium balloons but should work for your typical wedding. Quite a selection from Amazon and we can make beautiful white color balloons in sizes from 4.5′ to 14′.

Balloons are used for more than advertising. Everything from space elevators to giant water stoppers.

Give giant balloons a try!

Giant Balloons

Our big balloons are reusable and you save a lot of helium as compared to the latex or pvc balloons. Our balloons have a plug that is easy to open and close, no tying with rubber bands or twisting. Our balloons can last for months or years with proper care, usage and storage.

Some of the companies we have helped with their outdoor advertising.

5′ Zilla Balloon

truck shape inflatable


8 ft. x 30 in. star balloon – $ 580.00

25′ Kong

Custom Giant Helium Balloon

25 ft. Snowman Inflatable

Huge 25 ft. Leprechaun Inflatable 

balloon 6 ft. – $169.00  

Balloon – 7 ft. – $269.00

balloon – 8ft. – $339.00 

balloon – 10 ft. – $431.00

  • 4.5 ft. giant balloons – $109.00
  • 6 ft. giant balloons – $169.00
  • 7 ft. giant balloons – $269.00
  • 8 ft. giant balloons – $339.00
  • 10 ft. giant balloons – $431.00

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