Advertising Balloons & Advertising Blimps Price List

by Johnny Mulder

This price list is for our standard advertising balloons,advertising blimps and helium hot-air balloon shapes.

You can see the cost of your advertising balloon, advertising blimp or hot-air balloon shape and any additional artwork or banners you may want. If you have any questions regarding advertising balloons, advertising blimps or advertising inflatables please contact us.

If you’re shopping the web just make sure you compare apples to apples. Our products are made of a special polyurethane material not pvc that costs pennies per pound. When you compare you will see the value in our product.

Our advertising balloons and advertising blimps will save you the cost of our product in helium savings. Because our advertising balloons and advertising blimps are made of polyurethane which is stronger, brighter and lighter than pvc it is will use much less helium.

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Helium Party Balloons Prices

PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Please contact us for an exact price.

Advertising Blimps
Size Investment Print Area Blank BannersLettering on both sides of the products or two bannersHelium (cubic feet)
Advertising Balloons
   Blank BannersLettering on both sides of the product or two bannersHelium (cubic feet)
4,5$292.00$274.00 for 3 sides65
Hot air Balloon Shape Helium Balloons
   BlankLettering of both sides of the product or two bannersHelium (cubic feet)

What comes with purchase of balloons

What comes with purchase of balloons 120 ft tether line w/reel, Repair Kit, Repair Instructions, Care Instructions. How much wind can it withstand.

  • 4.5′ & 6′ ball, 11′ blimp, 9.5′ hot=air balloon shape withstand up to 15 mph winds.
  • Any balloon larger can withstand up to 30 mph.

The 7′ blimp is for indoor use only. 7′ blimp is for hanging purposes only, will not fly even with helium. If banner are to be used, then banner attachments must be installed. There is a $31.00 charge to add banner attachment which includes both sides of any products.

  • The lettering charge is the same to letter both sides of any product.
  • The lettering charge includes up to 13 letters per side or per banner, in one color!
  • If over 13 letters per side or over one color, there is an additional charge! See bellow!
  • Complex lettering, company logos or artwork are by quote only, fax or e-mail your layout.
  • To letter only one side of a product or one blank banner, figure 75% of the lettering charge.

Vertical banners not to be confused with banners above with attach to the sides of products.
Vertical banner attached to the tether line. Size is 26″ x 15′ and are not to be used on 6′ and 7′ balls, 11′ and 14′ blimps or the 9.5′ hot-air balloons.
Price for vertical banner is $542.00. The price is $582.00 to letter both sides.

Each additional letter over 13 letters per side of balloon or banner$6.50
Each additional color (charges includes both sides)$109.00
Different message on second side of balloon or additional banner$125.00
Light kit..Internal LED light$309.00
Helium hose$42.00

Need a price on a specific product email

If you need a price quote on a special shape inflatable, a helium inflatable, a sealed-air inflatable or a cold-air inflatable please click the link above. Thank-you! We look forward to working with you!

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Giant 5.5ft. Re-Usable Advertising Balloons $279.00! Call for References

Balloon colors available

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