Inflatable Blimps with prices, photos and more information.
We manufacture Inflatable Blimps in the USA from superior polyurethane material.
Inflatable blimps increase visibility, traffic and sales. Hundreds of inflatable advertising blimps in stock for immediate delivery. Custom artwork, logos,colors and sizes available.

Never buy a blimp made of PVC. PVC is a known carcinogen and PVC is very heavy. PVC blimps do not perform well because of their weight and many have inflatable fins that are aerodynamically very poor.

Inflatable Blimps

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Inflatable Blimps - 14 ft. long inflatable blimp  Inflatable Blimps - 17 ft. inflatable advertising blimp

Advertising Blimps

Helium Advertising Balloon   Advertising Blimps