Helium Balloons


Helium Balloons

by Johnny Mulder
Our helium advertising balloons are made of the finest material available for advertising inflatables and advertising balloons. If you need a helium advertising balloon or advertising inflatable from 4.5 feet to 15 feet in diameter we have the product for you.
If you took a one foot square piece of our material you couldn’t pull it apart, yet it is light weight. If helium consumption is a concern we can help.The polyurethane material we use is the best material commercially available for helium retention in helium advertising inflatables, advertising balloons and advertising blimps. Polyurethane costs over $8.00/lb. In contrast, pvc, which most of our competitors use costs under $1.00/lb.
All of our helium advertising balloons are made in the USA. You don’t need to worry about problems in China or India.
We have competitors who say they use polyurethane but use pvc. We are happy to send you a sample swatch of our advertising balloon material to compare.
You will see the difference!
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giant 7 ft. balloon for advertising
Helium balloon - 7 ft. advertising balloon with Storm logo
Helium balloon - custom bronze color advertising balloon
helium balloon - 7 ft. advertising balloon with instaprint logo

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Helium Balloons-Great Promotions!

8 ft. helium balloon with vertical banner - Great for extra visiblity!
10' helium balloon with simple artwork - ZONE logo
6' helium balloon with simple complexity artwork
7' helium balloon with complex artwork-Broadcasters General Store

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Advertisement Balloons - 7ft. advertisement balloon with artwork
7ft. red color advertising balloon

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Helium advertising balloons with 105ft. pennants

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advertising balloon - 7ft. helium balloon with custom logo
Helium Balloon - Sprint Logo
Helium Balloon - Pink Panther logo - Advertising Balloon

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helium advertising balloon - KB Home Logo. 7 ft. in diameter helium balloon. Our advertising balloon company manufactures in the USA.
helium advertising balloon - Auto X logo
Helium Advertising Balloons - advertisement balloons
Advertising Balloon - helium balloon with Unilever artwork

We have hundreds of helium advertising balloons in stock!

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Why Advertising Balloons

Sky Rocket your Business Profits
Advertising Balloons: Better Publicity at Cheaper Rates

Aquafina, a brand of Pepsi, launches the biggest world campaign known to the date. This sale promotion campaign consists of watching out and spotting the people drinking the product from an advertising blimp. If you are the lucky one, you will be gifted vouchers, prizes, etc of worth $2 to $10,000.
With the growing competition in the business, advertising has gained utmost importance. Customers must be made aware of the company’s product and the other whereabouts related to it. Only then it is possible to grow up the business. Generally, a well known business house spends 50 to 70% of it’s total expenditure on advertisement.

Well, the advertising business is no more the same, as was a decade back. New, innovative yet cheaper ways are what a businessman looks for. Even this policy goes good enough with the baseline rule of any business venture “maximum profits at minimum costs”.

Advertising blimps, helium balloons, cloud busters, advertisement balloons, and whatever advertising inflatables you can think of are being opted by the all-big banners of the day. Colorful, trendy, cheap yet easy to maintain are some of the highlighting features of these. Well, this not all; there are many more reasons as to why companies prefer these inflatables than any other advertising media. We shall take them up one by one sequentially.

1. Visibility: Think of the skyscrapers, the crowded market places, and other rush areas where people doesn’t really have the time to even take a glimpse of anything that is out of their track. At such times, these advertising inflatables gain an advantage as they fly up in the clean blue sky to advertise your business.

2. Innovative means: Unlike the classical promos TV advertisements, public announcements, posters, banners etc; these are a relatively newer approach to advertise your business.

3. Eye Catching nature: Attractive and colorful, these beautifully prepared advertisement balloons are bound to take everyone’s attention passing by, thus adding up to your client-age

4. Increased Traffic: Well, this is very obvious. If you can actually clutch a few minutes from the public’s busy schedule via your promos, you are bound to increase your business return.

5. Easy to use: These attractive advertising inflatables and helium balloons are very simple to use. Just fill in the air and let them fly up to the point you want to position them in sky. They will manage rest for you.

6. Perfect reproduction of your logo: The advanced technology facilitates you to make them of shape that resembles your product in best way. You can have them done in water bottle shapes, or cakes or anything that you would like to see them in. Further painting effects add to the fineness of the product, replicating your product faithfully.

7. Cost Factor: Cheapest yet the best; well these will price you least on your pockets while purchasing and maintaining them, while bringing you the customers more than any other media can.

8. Easy to maintain: By following simple steps of caring and maintaining them, these advertising inflatables can serve you for around 2 to 5 years. Just take care of weather conditions a bit, keep them washed and they will work for more than the time you can think of.

9. Great means to publicize the product in grand openings like trade fairs, dealer sales, festivals and other occasions.

Still doubting the efficacy of the advertising balloons, advertising blimps, helium balloons and other advertising inflatables; well give the above points one more look!!

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