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Dancing Balloons, Air Dancers, Ground Dancers

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Complete 20ft. tube dancing balloon with fan $488.00

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Dancing Balloons for All Occasions! 

Dancing Flying Guy Balloon - Senor Cactus
Dancing Balloon - Stars and Stripes Tube dancer
Big Balloons - Yellow pink dancing guy balloon. Big balloons available for sale and rent!
Dancing Balloon - two leg dancing man

Dancing Balloons and Wind Dancers for every Budget.

Dancing Balloons, tube dancers, wind wigglers or wind dancers; whatever name you use for them, can be outrageously expensive and there is no need. Don’t pay $600-$900 for a blower when it is unnecessary. Our $389 blower is the same blower most other companies sell for $749.00 or $859.00.Buy your dancing balloon from us and save enough for a down payment on a car!
Dancing balloons are made of a very light spinnaker material. There is no reason to spend $3000.00 for a 20′ tall dancing balloon.

Try our single leg puppet, double leg puppet or our rainbow arch dancers and save your money.

There is a patent holder for air balloons with multiple air openings; therefore, all our puppets and dancers have our sturdier to wind single air outlet.

Dancing balloons do not take a lot of wind, maybe 20mph before they are FALLING OVER ON THE GROUND! We want all our customers to know all the information regarding the performance of dancing balloons. Dancing balloons are primarily used for indoor events where wind is not a problem.

Because dancing balloons are made of the very light spinnaker material it will not last for long in the sun or where it comes in contact with the ground often. Always use a tarp under your dancing balloon.

We have many colors available and we will work with you on any design.

We manufacture our advertising balloons in the USA.

Halloween Special: 15′ Frank N. Stein – $799.00

Dancing Man Balloon - Frankenstein replica
rainbow dancer
Balloon advertising utizing Dancing Balloons - Tube Dancers-Dancing Men Balloon
Dancing Balloon - two leg dancing man

Dancing Balloons are Great for INDOOR events!

If you have an event in a stadium or hall a dancing balloon is a great addition to your other decorations.
air dancers
dancing balloons

WE use the same blower for our tube dancers, air dancers and air puppets but ours is priced hundreds of dollars less!! Yes!! Save hundreds on your blower HERE!!Please compare before you BUY! Custom designs are our specialty. Before you spend $2500.00 on an air dancer please give us a call.

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tube dancer balloon

Dancing Balloons and Air Dancers = Promotion!

The yellow dancing balloon on the left is new. We put it at an auto dealer client of ours to test the durability. The photo on the right is the same dancing balloon 8 days later. You can see it has gotten quite dirty and some of the fringe is ripped off. This, as you can see, was on a nice grassy area. You may want to purchase a tarp( large tarp) to put under your dancing balloon, especially if it’s on something other than grass.
We want you to understand the limitations of dancing balloons before you buy. They are great for indoor events where there is no wind and nice carpet or clean floors.
Our blowers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty and in our experience they last much longer.
Dancing balloons are attractive but they do have a narrow window of usage.
Cold-air inflatables will take 40 – 50 mph wind or more and our helium balloons and blimps can take 30 – 40 mph wind (depending on the size).

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Snowman dancing balloon - holiday balloons for sale.

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Super Halloween Special – Ghost – $699.00!

Flying Guy - Ghost dancing balloon Air dancers