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Home Builder Advertising Balloons Work

If you are a home builder we produce the best advertising balloons for use at your sales offices. Call 1-800-791-1445 for home builder advertising balloons.

advertising balloons for home builders

5.5′ Advertising Balloons for Home Builders

Why are our sphere shapes and advertising blimps best for you?

  1.  5.5′  balloons fit easily inside a standard garage.
  2. Our sphere and blimp shape helium inflatables are made of Polyurethane, not PVC, which means they are lighter and stronger.
  3. Polyurethane retains helium 300% better than PVC.
  4. Because our sphere shapes weigh about 25% of a PVC sphere they will fly well in much higher wind.
  5. Our balloons require much less helium than the smallest PVC balloon which will fly. Our 5.5′ sphere shapes needs only 87 cubic feet of helium while a 7′ PVC sphere, the smallest size that will float, requires 180 cubic feet of helium.

Advertising Blimps

Arizona Balloon advertising blimps are made of the same polyurethane as your sphere shapes. Our 10 feet in length helium blimp is the smallest reusable blimp available and will perform well in winds to 20 MPH. Our 10ft. blimp requires only 72 cubic feet of helium.

The smallest PVC blimp is 13 feet in length and requires over 160 cubic feet of helium and loses 3% or more of its helium volume every day.

Never buy an advertising blimp made of PVC. PVC is so heavy that the blimp may float; however, with any wind the blimp will start diving to the ground and damage itself quickly.

home builder advertising balloons

Advertising Blimps for Home Builders

marketing blimp with Pulte logo

Marketing Blimps made in the USA.

USA made advertising balloons for sale

Model Home Marker Balloons from $249.00

11 ft. red advertising blimps with Toll Brothers logo. Best advertising balloons for home builders.

Advertising Blimps with logo from $891.00.

advertising balloon - logo on helium advertising balloon5.5ft helium balloon with logo from $496.00

home builder advertising blimps

Custom Helium Advertising Blimps can be seen for miles.

advertising blimp with home builder logoAdvertising blimps for model home locators.

10 feet in length helium advertising blimp with logo

10 ft. Advertising Blimp with logo – $891.00


Never buy a balloon or blimp made of PVC. Save your money!

Arizona Balloon helium products are made in the USA using all USA made materials.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for the best advertising blimps and balloons for home builders.


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