Sealed - Air Inflatables


Giant Sealed air balloons & Inflatables made in USA!

Please send photo for quote on sealed air inflatables.
We can reproduce almost any product into a giant helium inflatable or sealed-air inflatable.

Giant balloons for promotions, trade shows and events manufactured in the USA.

Helium Inflatables Bring Results!

Eye-catching inflatables will drive traffic to your sale or event. Low cost with a great return. 

Salmon - 25' long sealed air inflatable.
MCI sealed-air inflatables
Carrot - 12' tall sealed-air unit
15' tall sealed-air unit- Caddy Man
custom sealed-air balloons
Phoenix balloons - buy and rent advertising balloons in the Phoenix, Arizona area

Sealed air balloons & inflatables:1-800-791-1445!

Outside the USA please call 602-246-3450!

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