Polyurethane Blimp with prices, photos and more information.
We manufacture only Polyurethane Blimps in the USA from superior material.
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Most blimps for sale on the web are imported from China and are made of PVC.

PVC is a known carcinogen and is being phased out worldwide.

PVC is heavy and porous compared to polyurethane. Polyurethane costs approximately six times more per pound than PVC.

If you purchase a blimp made of PVC you need to go with at least one that is 20 feet in length. Anything less and it will fly so marginally that any little breeze will send it diving to the ground.

Don’t buy a blimp made of PVC.

Polyurethane Blimp

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polyurethane blimps - Countryside Ford polyurethane blimp
polyurethane Blimp - 21ft. helium advertising blimps generate traffic and sales.
Giant Polyurethane Blimps Work - 25ft. long blimp.
Ford country advertising blimp
14' blimp with simple artwork - Keller's Rental
Advertising Blimp - 25ft. MCI logo. Larger advertising blimps get your message out over a larger area.
Advertising Blimp - NC logo
Advertising Blimp - RWB in air - 11ft. blimps-$461.00, 14ft. blimps- $665.00-artwork additional. We manufacture our helium balloons and advertising blimps in the USA. no pvc!polyurethane blimp

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