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Inflatable Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Inflatables and Light Bulb Balloons!

Great Giant Inflatables are truly memorable. Your trade show or event will be remembered using one of these giant Light Bulb Balloons. Our giant light bulb inflatables can be made to almost any size and customized to fit your tastes and needs.

Any of our advertising balloons, advertising blimps and standard advertising inflatables are attractive but your own custom inflatable can be something unique and special.

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light bulb - yellow cold-air balloon
LightBulb-white-helium custom balloon

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Our Light Bulb Balloons can be made to float in the air or set on the ground.
Cold-air light bulb balloons are inflated by a continuosly running blower and a helium light bulb inflatable is provided lift by filling with helium.
We can make these light bulb balloons and light bulb inflatables almost any size and color.

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