Gorilla Balloons


Gorilla Balloons - Kong Inflatables

Gorilla balloons in all colors!

Man-Eating KONG! Not a man eating a Kong.

When you need 40′ of mean message give the Big Balloon Kahuna a call.

We have blue inflatable Gorillasred cold-air inflatable Kongsbrown cold-air inflatable Kongs, black Kongs and pink gorilla balloons.

All can carry a custom banner.

If you need a gorilla balloon with a bathing suit or gorilla inflatables with sun glasses please give us a call.

We have more Gorilla Balloons and Kong Inflatables than any other advertising balloon company.

Red Kong inflatable - 30' Giant Balloon
Blue Kong cold-air inflatable Giant Balloon!

World’s Largest Gorilla Balloon – The King of Mean!

Kong - brown Gorilla Balloon 40ft. Arizona Balloon manufacturer

Email Tom for Gorilla Balloons

Call 1-800-791-1445 for Gorilla Balloons!

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