Gold Tag Sale Balloons!

If you are looking for a new promotion look at our Gold Tag Sale Balloons. We originated the Gold Tag Sale Balloon. Red tag sales have been popular for years and we wanted to offer our auto dealer clients something a little different and innovative.

We offer a complete package for a Gold Tag Sale including: Gold Tag Sale cold-air balloons, Gold Tag Sale helium balloons, gold pennants and searchlight.

Everything is shipped to you! Just add helium and in a couple of hours even the slowest lot guys have you a huge promotion. Promotional balloons build traffic!

Gold Tag Inflatables

If you need a great promotion for this week-end please give us a call. We can even get everything to you overnight.

World’s largest selection of Gold Tag Balloons! Add helium advertising blimps to your promotion and you will get traffic.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for your Gold Tag Sale Balloon!

Custom inflatables - Gold Tag Sale Balloon

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