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Dear Tom,

The balloon has been a great success it flies high true and straight. People have been amazed spotting it at 101 mtrs from many miles way.

On one occasion with increased gusty winds the ole girl was blown hard in one direct which caused the line to snag in some trees, as the watchers went to free it the tail apparently clipped a branch which later I found had snapped a couple of the tail gut tension lines – then the rodeo started up down left right and the pull by the time I arrived was amazing – the twits had tied it to the 300bar helium bottle and it was actually dragging the bottle. With a genius at work I sent up a 2nd line on a loop in the main line over trees having hauled in 50mtrs of line (obviously also by now having released the bottle) through the hedge and 2nd line brought the tether line down and then under the armpit up to the balloon loosed off the tail and off she flew again back into her marquee – bed for the night. 2 pieces of gut to replace after nearly 2 weeks flying ast 101 mtrs not too bad.

Q) What breaking strain gut should I use to replace those tail fin tension lines – presumably from a fishing tackle shop?

I bought a 1 – 10bar regulator and the balloon filled in only about 8 – 9 minutes and that was taking it steady

We are using pure helium and ironically buying it cheaper on the special arrangement I have struck than heligas can be bought … very economic it only used 1 300 bar helium cylinder to fill it with some left for kids toys!

Q) What is the largest unit you manufacture?

Incidentally the lift is a good deal more than 8lb with pure helium which is excellent as height is apparently endless especially on a calm day. Yes that tetherline is strong!!

We are all delighted

Thank you again very much

Devon Squire England
now known as The Red Baron!!

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