Custom Balloons


Custom Balloons

Try one of our Custom Balloons: custom helium balloons, custom cold-air balloons and custom inflatables. The cost per usage can be less than the cost of dinner. We have Custom Balloons in our rental fleet that are twenty years old and still going strong. For the cost of a new notebook computer you can have a giant Custom Balloon that won’t be obsolete in six months.
Custom Balloons are our specialty! We manufacture more custom balloons each year than any other manufacturer in the USA. If you need a custom balloon made of the highest quality material available at a reasonable price please give us a call. Try these promotional balloons for increased visibility and traffic!

Custom Balloons

Call 1-800-791-1445 for your Custom Balloon!

helicopter - Big advertising balloons. Rental balloons made in the USA.
Custom Helium Advertising Inflatables - Fire Logs
light bulb - sealed-air inflatables

Custom Balloons and Giant Balloon Replicas will Work for YOU!

Giant CUSTOM BALLOONS can be made in many sizes and shapes. Giant inflatable replicas of your products command attention. Look at the custom balloons above tell me that wouldn’t grab you. IT DOES! It works for these clients and it will work for YOU! Your Custom Balloon will last for years with a little care.

Give us a call today to help get your giant Custom Balloon inflated!