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Advertising Blimps, Advertising Balloons, Inflatables for Car Dealers

Car Dealers are one of our largest purchasers and renters of advertising blimps, advertising balloons, advertising inflatables and air puppets. We also offer car dealers and auto dealers a full line of pennants, flags and banners. We have many stock advertising blimps, advertising balloons and advertising inflatables in stock, ready to ship today.

We have hundreds of cold-air advertising inflatables available for rent or sale to car dealers and auto dealers: Alien Balloons, Eagle Inflatables, Cowboy Balloons, Uncle Sam Inflatables, Bull Balloons, Santa Balloons, Shamrock Balloons, Red tag Inflatables and hundreds more character balloons.

We have over 400 helium advertising balloons, blimps and custom shape balloons ready to ship!

Please call 1-800-791-1445 for service.

We can also customize any blimp, balloon or inflatable to your specifications.

We offer auto dealers complete advertising packages for:Red Tag Sales, Monster Sales, Gold Tag Sales, President’s Day Sales, Holiday Sales, Independence Day Sales and many others! If you’re looking for an auto dealer advertising balloon please give us a call!

Giant 6ft. Re-Useable Balloons $169.00! Call for Dealer References!

AUTO SALE blimps in stock!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for a quick quote or rental availability!

Don’t see what you’re looking for, please give us a call!

You want to sell cars and we want to rent balloons to you so you can sell more cars.

We don’t make money if you don’t make money!

Do inflatable apes improve sales?

The big time auto consulting firms think so and you will too after you give us a try.Our giant inflatables and balloons help create excitement and that helps to put your customers in the right state of mind.

We have clients that constantly use different balloons at their stores. I may be a wonderful human being but if this didn’t work they wouldn’t be writing that check every month.

How much do you spend in the NEWSPAPER each month?
Please give us a try!

Please call 1-800-791-1445 or outside the U.S. call 602-246-3450!

Outside the USA please call 602-246-3450!

Hundreds of Auto Dealer Balloons in Stock!

Call Tom @ 1-800-791-1445

Auto Dealer Balloons, Auto Dealer Blimps, Auto Dealer Inflatables available from USA manufacturer. Buy your AUTO DEALER BALLOONS, AUTO DEALER BLIMPS and AUTO DEALER INFLATABLES from the source and SAVE!

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