Helium Advertising Balloons – Instant Results!

We offer our helium advertising balloons that create traffic and new business for companies everyday. For the price of a small newspaper ad you can own a helium advertising balloon that will bring in new business day after day.

You can have your own inflatable sign flying high over your business or event. We sell thousands of helium balloons and blimps each year to businesses, events, recruiters, parades, tradeshows, restaurants, car dealers and many others.

We use only polyurethane in the manufacturing of our helium advertising balloons and advertising blimps. Polyurethane is lighter, stronger and more helium retentive than pvc or nylon. PVC is thicker, heavier, less helium retentive and contains volatile organics. Don’t ever purchase a blimp made from pvc. Nylon balloons and blimps have a 0.5 mil coating to seal the nylon from leaking. Once some of that 0.5 mil thin coating is rubbed off the nylon you have a worthless balloon or blimp. The helium will leak through and you can’t keep it in the air.
Send for a piece of our polyurethane and try it.

Helium Advertising Balloon

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helium advertising balloon

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Helium Advertising Balloons