Watch out for that Giant Balloon!

Watch out for That…Giant Balloon!

Giant balloons and advertising blimps are a very popular form of advertising. Who hasn’t been at a baseball or football game and seen a giant floating spaceship soaring through the air with such ease and grace? Or have you ever driven by a grand opening and seen that enormous balloon statue swaying in the breeze like seaweed in water? Businesses benefit by balloon advertising due to the large number of people it can reach in a short amount of time.
giant balloon - 25 ft. tall Statue of Liberty inflatable

Giant Balloon - 25 ft. Statue of Liberty inflatable

advertising blimp

17 ft. Advertising blimp with vertical banner.

Balloon advertising is very effective at special events. Events such as the Indianpolis 500, Brickyard 400, and the Superbowl have all been graced by the presence of advertising blimps. The reason why advertising blimps are so effective is because they connect with people at a time when they are having fun. Who hasn’t heard of the Good Year Blimp? The Good Year Blimp has become a household name due to its consistent appearance in American culture. People tend to stand at attention whenever they see a giant balloon with huge letters flying through the sky. Balloon advertising is a very direct form of advertising. The advertisement speaks for itself; there’s no need for spoken words or catchy phrases.
There are a lot of ways to advertise, and various types of advertising are dependent upon a lot of factors such as product involved and appropriate times to advertise. Balloon advertising is one effective way of advertising due to its very direct approach. The ease with which this form of advertising reaches a lot of people ranks it in a league all its own.
Giant balloons can get results for you!
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