This is an Advertising Inflatable!

“This is a football.”

“Hey Coach, could you slow down a little?” Love that intro by the legendary Vince Lombardi and the quip by a Green Bay Packer football player!

Sometimes getting back to the basics in any endeavor is the right choice.

Today’s economy is demanding that all of your marketing dollars produce the greatest return. If your business or event success depends on bringing people into a physical location advertising balloons could be a great addition to your marketing mix.


What exactly is an advertising inflatable? An advertising inflatable could be a large commercial quality helium balloon that is filled with helium and is flown 100 feet to 150 feet above the ground or it could be a giant character shape balloon filled with air from a continuously running blower that sets on the ground and stands 15 feet to 30 feet high.

These are the two most common types of advertising inflatables. 


7 ft. Helium Advertising Balloon

7 ft. Helium Advertising Balloon


25 ft. Bull cold-air advertising inflatable

25 ft. Bull cold-air advertising inflatable

Designs and sizes of giant helium balloons and cold-air advertising inflatables are near limitless. Giant helium balloons, if they are unusual shapes, may require special design and exaggeration if they need to float. Cold-air advertising inflatables may require special design for unusual shapes if they are to set properly.

It is hard to get a realistic shape carrot to float as a helium balloon and it’s difficult to get a snow cone shape cold-air advertising inflatable to set up with some design innovations – but all can be accomplished.

You may not need to bring in the Clowns but bringing in an advertising balloon or two may help drive traffic to your business or event.

Simple? Yes!

Old School? Maybe.

Effective? Yes!

Give helium advertising balloons and cold-air advertising inflatables a try and see for yourself.

What was old is new AGAIN!

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