advertising balloons for car dealerships

Highest quality, most economical reusable advertising balloons for car dealerships. Our polyurethane helium balloons use much less helium than other advertising balloons.

Advertising Balloons for Car Dealerships

Made in USA advertising balloons for car dealerships! Call 1-800-791-1445 for the highest quality. most economical reusable helium advertising balloons for car dealerships.

reusable advertising balloons for car dealerships
Advertising Balloons for Car Dealerships from $207.00. for more information on polyurethane advertising balloons and advertising blimps.

“When the balloons go up, sales go up!”
Tom Buis
General Manager Showcase Honda, Showcase Pontiac-GMC

Our polyurethane balloons and blimps weigh, on average, 67% less than comparable size helium balloons made of PVC or nylon. What does that mean for you? Much better performing balloons and blimps using our polyurethane made products. You will use a fraction of the helium to fill and maintain your helium balloons and blimps.

helium advertising balloon white color with Suzuki logo
Reusable, Economical helium advertising balloons with logo from $454.00
Led lighted advertising balloons for car dealerships.
Lighted Advertising Balloons for car dealerships from $457.00.

This 5.5ft helium balloon only needs 87 cubic feet of helium and will fly much better than 7.0ft balloons made of PVC. You can save hundreds of dollars in helium costs by switching to polyurethane balloons and blimps Today! Polyurethane balloons and blimps lose, on average, 1% of their helium each day as compared to 3% for PVC balloons and blimps.

Advertising Balloons for Car Dealerships

30ft helium advertising blimp for auto dealership
Our giant blimps save you even more!

You will never go back to PVC or nylon after using polyurethane products.

We started manufacturing polyurethane balloons and blimps over 20 years ago because of the poor performance and large ongoing costs associated with balloons and blimps made of PVC and nylon. We rented balloons and blimps to auto dealers, home builders and other businesses and it was nearly impossible to make a profit because of the ongoing costs. Helium usage was very high and blimps are balloons were always crashing because of the heavy weight. We discovered polyurethane, which costs 6 – 7 times more per pound, and have been using it since.

tough polyurethane helium balloons
How Tough are are balloons? Monsoon storm with winds above 50 MPH. Balloon came through it undamaged.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on how you will save money using polyurethane helium advertising balloons and advertising blimps.


USA made advertising blimps for car dealerships.
Most economical advertising blimps for car dealerships.

Advertising Blimps Price List

custom advertising blimps for car dealerships.
Custom Advertising Blimps for Car Dealerships.

Email: for advertising balloons which save you cash!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for tips on installing your balloon or blimp for maximum performance, safety and visibility.

custom shaped helium balloon for car dealership.
Custom Shaped Balloons are our specialty.


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Effective Advertising with Balloons

Advertising balloons are a cost effective way to increase sales.

Effective Advertising With Balloons

Effective advertising requires a lot of creativity and using advertising balloons is a great idea to advertise your product. The companies which are specialized in making advertising balloons know how to provide advertising that is visually interesting for any brand. These balloons are known to grab the attention of people as they willow up from the deck of a building.

advertising balloon with Little Caesar logo
Little Caesar's Pizza logo advertising balloon

In case of product promotion through advertising balloons, there is no limit as far as the cost is concerned. The size of these balloons may easily vary from one feet to thirty feet. Obviously a thirty feet balloon is large enough to catch attention from a large distance. You just need to be creative to get the required effect and a long lasting impression. This makes them quite effective in the marketing of any business product.   Compared to other methods of advertisement, the advertising balloons are quite an economical way of conveying a message to the public. It is not only cost effective but a nice way of getting instant traffic.

The advertising balloons can be custom designed according to your requirement in all possible shapes and sizes. These balloons are designed with utmost care to meet all the requirements. These balloons are filled with helium and as helium is lighter than air, these balloons rise up easily. The polyurethane material used for making these balloons make them strong and durable. requirements of the clients. These balloons are used for promoting products, and social events.

These days the advertising balloons are available with add on features to have an impact on the minds of the people. These can easily be made to bounce and dance. A well designed balloon does not contain enough details but makes use of solid appearance by using suitable colors and a proper background. The letters need to be bold and simple.

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Balloons for all occasions

Large Balloons

Balloons for all Occasions

There are few objects that can carry as many different meanings as balloons can. They can symbolize a birthday or wedding, or they can be used for advertising purposes. They also come in all shapes, sizes, and colors as well.

advertising balloon
Large Balloons Get Results! 7ft. with logo $533.00

If you are going to use balloons for advertising purposes, then you are going to want to make sure that you get large balloons. You want to make sure that you get something that can be seen from a distance. You may be surprised by just how much of any effect balloons can have. In fact, you may think that they are old fashioned and out of date when it comes to advertising. However, large balloons are still bringing in customers every day to car dealerships.

They still work because they are just not something that you see every day. If something is able to catch your eye while you are driving along, then you much more likely to take a look at that place. Another thing that many don’t think about is that the different types of balloons that can be made is ever expanding. If you need a balloon to be custom made for a specific purpose, then you are able to do that.

7 ft. red large balloon
Large Red Balloon - $269.00

Now getting all of your balloons needs is easier then ever. You can simply order any balloons that you need from a number of different websites that specialize in this area. Search through these websites to find the ones that are able to offer you the best prices and the best service today.

We at Arizona Balloon would like to help you with your large balloons purchase.

Please call us at 1-800-791-1445 or email us at .

Large reusable 7ft. balloon with Logo - $533.00
Large reusable 7ft. balloon with Logo - $533.00

We manufacture balloons in the USA using polyurethane – NEVER PVC! PVC is a known carcinogen!

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