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Advertising blimps attract attention for your event or business.

Why you should use advertising blimps.

Advertising on the side of a blimp has been an American tradition for decades. When push comes to shove, who doesn’t love seeing those helium-filled things flying slowly over the big game with 70,000 screaming fans and your company name appearing right after cheering on the home team?

30 ft. long advertising blimp
30 ft. long advertising blimp

What people don’t realize is that there is much more to the blimp than how cool it looks. One advantage is very high visibility. With a big enough blimp, you can have your business advertised from miles away as people look to the sky. Some kids might even think it’s some sort of comet. Another advantage is that it will stand out more than most billboards. People see hundreds of billboards every day when they go to work, but how many people see a big blimp in the sky? Generally, it can happen at the Rose Bowl, but in real life, do you see many blimps? It’s a unique way to attract attention.

14 ft. Advertising blimp with logo from $1031.00
14 ft. Advertising blimp with logo from $1031.00

The options for advertising blimps are virtually unlimited. Some air blimps can be as small as 6 feet long or as long as 30 plus feet, perfect for attracting attention. Most people use them just to hover over their business and let them know they’re heading the right direction.

In conclusion, advertising blimps are a great way to attract customers, is an often one-time expense, and can be a neat and innovative way to reach new and existing clients and get customers from all over the area to come visit your business. Maximum exposure equals repeat business!

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