Reusable Balloons

Reusable balloons for promotions.

balloon bobber - reusable balloon on stick - permanent balloon

Reusable, permanent balloon on fiberglass rod.

  • Reusable heavy duty 18″ vinyl balloon
  • Durable fiberglass rod and aluminum pole
  • 8 feet tall
  • Balloons bob in the wind for maximum impact
  • No Helium required
  • No latex balloons that pop easily

 Call 1-800-791-1445 or email

All units come complete with reusable vinyl balloon, 48″ aluminum base pole, 34″ fiberglass balloon stem and 20″ fiberglass stake.

balloon bobber - balloon dancer in box

Our reusable balloons come in a large but very light weight box.

shows component pieces of one balloon dancer

What is included with each balloon dancer.

18″ balloon, fiberglass rod, aluminum pole, fiberglass stake

balloon bobber inflator

balloon dancer inflator – You may have something that will work.

If you don’t have an inflator we have one available for purchase.

balloon dancer balloon

Inflated balloon dancer 18″ balloon

Takes only a minute or two to inflate with an inflator.

balloon dancer balloon attachment

Attach balloon to this attachment

On the bottom of the balloon there are some loop like holders. You stretch those over these protruding parts on the attachment. Takes maybe 30 seconds. Easy for anyone!

balloon dancer fiberglass rod and aluminum pole

Attach fiberglass rod to aluminum pole

The fiberglass rod and aluminum pole twist together.

BALLOON DANCER ground stake

Fiberglass ground stake. Use a hammer or small sledge hammer to drive stake into ground.

Drive fiberglass stake 10″ to 12″ into the ground.

balloon dancer stake in ground

Drive stake in ground about half the length.

balloon bobber aluminum pole

Aluminum pole fits over fiberglass stake in the ground.

And……. you’re done.

The aluminum pole has the fiberglass rod attached to it and the balloon is attached to the fiberglass rod. Maybe takes 5 minutes for complete installation.

There are bases you can mount pole to if you are in location where you can not drive stake into ground. Check above. Very inexpensive option.

plastic balloons on stick

balloon bobbers

reusable vinyl balloons

Call 1-800-791-1445 or email to place your order.


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