Profitable Promotions Utilizing Advertising Balloons

Advertising Balloons = Profitable Promotions!

Advertising balloons come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny rubber inflatable advertising ballons to giant zeppelins hanging in the sky over major sporting events. All of them have one thing in common: the use of gases lighter than air to hover, attracting the attention of passersby due to the movement produced by wind. This means that they automatically attract the human eye in the outdoors, wheter the observers be driving or walking by.

advertising balloon

Advertising balloon with vertical banner

The multitude of purposes that the balloons provide is evident: imagine the opening of a new bank. Without some sort of temporary attraction, it would be difficult to otherwise alert potential customers to its presence. In addition to larger advertising balloons outside, perhaps the bank could distribute smaller, uninflated latex ballons inside, also branded with their logo; perhaps they could even hand out water balloons for the kids! With this many applications, the possibilities are limitless with advertising balloons. It’s easy to imagine that larger balloons would have a much more attractive power, due to the increase in size and space. Larger Mylar ballons can be produced in a wide variety of shapes, providing a personal touch, perhaps a company mascot that can endear the customers.


advertising blimp

Advertising blimps come in many affordable sizes!

Finally, there is the enormous attractive power of the giant blimps, popularized by tire manufacturer Goodyear. The blimps hang lusciously in the sky, attracting zombified sports fans, who are likely to purchase tires, like horses to hay. With its flashing bright lights and almost ominous hovering omnipresence, it is the ultimate in balloon advertising. Perhaps in the future some sort of stunts should be pulled off using advertising ballons exclusively: a repeat of the floating lawn chair, perhaps, with silk-screened balloons bearing the emblems of a major bank? There is an entire world full of waiting to be advertised to with balloons.

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