Giant Balloons – Uncle Sam Inflatables

Giant balloon Uncle Sam inflatables work great at promotions, parades or events.

Giant balloons are a great addition to any business promotion or event.

One of the most popular giant balloons is the 25 ft. high Uncle Sam advertising inflatable. This inflatable Uncle Sam is especially popular at tax time, President’s Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day and other patriotic holidays and events.

The giant balloon is easy to use and very affordable. Most companies and events choose to rent a giant advertising inflatable so all the installation and tear down is included. These giant inflatables are usually available in any location in North America and can be rented for as little as one day or for months.

We usually have four to five Uncle Sam inflatables in stock available for sale or rent. Giant Uncle Sam balloons are also a favorite of parades. It is not too difficult to rig the Uncle Sam balloon to fit on a flat bed trailer or truck. Place a generator on the flatbed, tether the balloon to the bed sides and you are in business. If you need to pass under power lines in is an easy job to temporarily lower the inflatable pass safely under the obstacle then re-inflate the inflatable. It takes just a minute and can be easily accomplished by one person on the flatbed.

So, for your next promotion or event consider using a giant Uncle Sam inflatable.

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