Giant Balloons for Business Promotions

Giant Balloons

Many different methods have been attempted by different companies for brand or product marketing and promotion from time to time. One of such different methods used currently is giant balloons. Giant balloons are being used mainly for celebrations, nowadays balloons gets more attracted when it is used for advertising. Now different forms are available for balloon advertising. They are hot air balloons and advertising blimps, cold air inflatable and hand held balloons.

giant balloon

Hot-air balloon shape giant 9.5 ft. helium balloon

A hot air Balloon is very expensive option but is very spectacular. Advertising blimps are similar to hot air balloons, but it is more easy to use than hot air balloons. A cold air inflatable remains on the ground itself. But it cannot cover a big area as it is on the ground. But hot air balloons once it is up in the sky, covers a larger area. For small business, as it has to be targeted to a local group of people, handing out balloons can be used. All three types are now available in different sizes and shapes. The best choice can be made considering the attributes like budget, type of business, target market etc.

advertising blimps

17 ft. advertising blimp with lettering

Advertising Blimps

Balloon advertising is surely a different technique than all the traditional methods. This method is mainly used because of its less investment and affordable price. Also the balloon in the air, if it is done perfectly, will attract the attention of every one irrespective of the age. It will give better brand recognition of the product. But one of the problems with this is it is not easy to target the market. For example, suppose you are a student’s engineering tool kit manufacturer. Surely you have to reach the engineering students to get a better sale. But if you use balloon advertising in this case, it will not be that effective. That is, this method works well only for some types of business.

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